Professional community of sellers of Canon products

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Canon Academy community —

is an educational interactive platform where sales professionals:

  • Gain knowledge about the Canon products and needs of the client
  • Increase their sales skills through tests and simulators
  • Participate in the training activities and competitions and win valuable prizes!

Get new knowledge

  • Study the training materials
  • Use the simulators and learn video about Canon products
  • Participate in themed contests about products

Online photo school

Learn master classes and get advice from leading photographers

  • There is a series of master classes for beginners photography enthusiasts
  • Methodological manual on the art of professional photography
  • Photo contests to test your knowledge, as well as prizes for the active participation

Collect points and win prizes

For each activity (contests, promotions, and a mini-game), you get points, which are added together and determine your place in the ranking of the participants!

Occupy the top place in the annual ranking and win the grand prize!

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